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King's Madness

King's Madness is not a band but rather an entertainment experience. The band shares a common vision and commitment to understanding that playing great music is only part of the total package. What really matters is you..... the audience ... are you entertained? That is why we strive to not only play accurate and impressive material but we do it while mixing it with theatrics and tomfoolery. It might be a skit, a guest performer, a comedy moment, a funny or sometimes interesting story or a spin of the famous "Jester's Wheel of Consequences". Every show is different and really gives the crowd something to watch and even engage with.

The look is also unique and worth mentioning. On stage you will see authentic War Helmets from legendary civilizations like the Vikings, the Spartans, the Spaniards or Templar Knights. We also have a fog breathing, light up, awesome looking Dragon that doubles as a tip jar. Oh, and then there is the Jester!

He joined the group as an act of fate, Legend has it , lead singer Mark was driving to the airport to pick up a family member. He got a text indicating the flight was delayed so he stopped at a thrift store to kill some time. As he roamed the aisles there was a...........JESTER doll!!! It was purchased for 5 dollars. He is always on stage in his medieval chair overseeing the festivities.

Did we mention the music? Yes, all the things already mentioned matter to providing a full entertainment experience but the music has to be great too. We pride ourselves in meticulously performing the songs the way the artists wrote them. Want to hear the quick bass pop that only happens once on the record? How about that unique drum fill so you can follow along. King's Madness doesn't miss those nuances because we believe they are important.

Come see us and see for yourself. We bet you'll be amused and entertained. That is our mission statement, give people something to look at and enjoy!

King's Madness - You best beheadin to the Show!

King's Madness

King's Madness

Gig Dates

Friday, Jul 19 06:00 PM
Rock n Roll Camp
11847 Summit Ln Springville
Held at Hogarosa Campgrounds
Saturday, Jul 20 09:00 PM
Private Party - Letchworth

Friday, Jul 26 07:00 PM
Mickey Rat's
8934 Lake Shore Rd Angola

Saturday, Aug 10 06:00 PM

 Rushford Lake

Thursday, Aug 15 06:00 PM
Kodiak Jack's
3481 Two Rod Rd East Aurora

Wednesday, Aug 21 06:00 PM
Old Man River
375 Niagara St. Tonawanda

Friday, Aug 23 09:00 PM
Rockin' Buffalo
1800 Union Rd W. Seneca

Saturday, Sep 14 09:00 PM
616 West Avenue Lockport

Saturday, Sep 21 08:30 PM
Rock n' Roll Heaven
1780 Orchard Park Rd W. Seneca

Friday, Oct 25 09:00 PM
Rockin' Buffalo
1800 Union Rd W. Seneca

Saturday, Nov 16 08:30 PM
Rock n' Roll Heaven
1780 Orchard Park Rd W. Seneca

Friday, Nov 29 07:00 PM
The Cove
4701 Transit Rd Depew

Saturday, Jan 18 09:00 PM
Rockin' Buffalo
1800 Union Rd W. Seneca

Friday, Mar 28 09:00 PM
Rockin' Buffalo
1800 Union Rd W. Seneca

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